Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May Flowers Bring June.... Something.

It is the 4th of June. The sky is gray, and without my slippers, my toes become too cold for comfort. What is with this weather? I do enjoy rain, don't get me wrong. But when I have waited 8 months for weather suitable for my new Salvatore Ferragamo cherry red sandals (which I purchased 4 months ago, in the dead of winter) I tend to get a little antsy. Spring is my favourite season! And mother nature has robbed me of it. In March it felt like February, in April it felt like March, and in May it felt like April. Get the pattern? I do. And it frustrates me. I am eagerly awaiting the June flowers from many a May shower. Whilst waiting, I have created a list of fun Summer activities I want to complete when the weather decides to agree with me.
  1. Write a song - I love music and I love my amateur guitar skills. Done preferably while sitting in a field on the grass. Makes for better concentration and less noise.
  2. Film a happening - anything will do. I can film my bike trip down to Rosedale Valley. Speaking of which...
  3. Organize a bike trip - gather my friends, make a picnic, bring my video camera, adorn a helmet, and off we go.
  4. Find gems in Value Village - though I usually opt for the glamour of Kensington Market, I have yet to venture deep into the Value Village stockist, and it is about damn time.
  5. Interest you in my StyleMob
I have to wash and sort scarves I found in Kensington a while back. Findings will be posted soon.

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