Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Spring in my Step!

I went shopping today, avoiding studying as per usual. I meant to just take a trip to the local Presse International for a May magazine or two (which were not yet released, unfortunately) and I stumbled upon a lovely little shoe store called Lustre, a stone throw away from Carrot Common. Now I usually have nothing but back luck in shoe stores (being a women's size 11) so I didn't have high hopes. But what I found was beyond imaginable. Many gorgeous shoes by Kenzie, Bobbi Blue, Seychelles, and more. Each shoe displayed wonderfully on plates of glass held up by knotted white rope. They also carried wonderful bags, large enough for a small dog (but I do not condone carrying dogs in bags, it's just not right) and this one lovely distressed leather wallet that I would give my pinky finger for. Needless to say, I made a purchase. And an excellent one at that. If you haven't heard of Seychelles shoes, you best check them out. They just scream divinity and handcrafted wonderment.
Here are a few snapshots of my latest pair of spring shoes that will literally knock your socks off, which will be appropriate since we are heading into spring.

It's nice having a plethora of new shoes to wear for the spring, which I do, sitting conveniently in piles on my bedroom floor, just waiting for the warm weather to stay long enough for a jaunt in the park.
Another pair of shoes I can't wait to crack open are my apple red Ferragamo t-strap sandals. But we'll not mention those, and their break-the-bank cost of a little over $400.
What shoes are you dying to wear? Let me know!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Am I More Adventurous?

Soldiers come quickly, I feel the earth beneath my feet!

Just a snippet of brilliance from Rilo Kiley's song The Execution Of All Things from their 2002 album of the same name.
I have these jolts of obsessions with certain artists slash musicians slash songs, and when I listen to them my insides melt into goo. This is one of those jolts. And it is to do with Rilo Kiley. The first song I heard was in 2005, when my friend sent me a song or two. The first full length album of theirs that I listened to (and loved) was their most frequent one, Under the Blacklight. I actually purchased that one! I know, ridiculous. In any case, ever since then I have been working backwards and discovering the brilliance that is Rilo Kiley. And if you haven't heard of them, where have you been? Either with your hipster head in a hole, or being too enticed by the umbrella'd Rhianna, insane Britney, and the ever declining Fall Out Boy (which I can be proud to say I have ignored since their first single came out). If you are the former, I hand you a shovel, and if you are the latter, dig yourself your own hole to stick your head in.
I strongly recommend you check them out. And to be helpful, I have compiled a starter kit with a few key songs from each album. Enjoy!

Starter Kit:
The Execution of All Things - The Execution of All Things
With Arms Outstretched - The Execution of All Things
Portions for Foxes - More Adventurous
It Just Is - More Adventurous
Don't Deconstruct - Take Offs and Landings
Wires and Waves - Take Offs and Landings
Silver Lining - Under the Blacklight
Breakin' Up - Under the Blacklight

For those of you who pirate music using torrent, here is the full collection. Just don't tell anyone I told you:

Rilo Kiley is coming to my city on May 28th and I just so happen to have scored tickets. Hopefully I will see you there!

Welcome Mat

Computers are great, aren't they? They allow me to say hello to you from wherever you may be, and wherever I may be.
I've always tried to write diaries when I was a youngster, but to no avail. I always wished I could, though. Keeping heartfelt times and memories locked up in a frilly pink lined notebook seems just delectable to me. Alas, with the advent of schooling, my time was (and still is) eaten up by homework, studying, and the like. But now, as I sit at my shiny silver Macbook, given to me as a gift for my eighteenth birthday, I welcome you to my frilly pink online notebook.
You could be asking yourself "why on earth is this blog necessary?" My answer to you: I have no idea. It is just one of thousands splattered across the interweb. Today I write to you from the sanctity of my living room couch, whilst it rains something terrible outside. My other laptop sits at my feet, downloading 7 album torrents at once. It's my windows laptop, which I could give a rat's behind about, for the battery doesn't last longer than 25 minutes.
I ramble, I should warn.
Moving on, today is my first of two study days before the barrage of first year final exams hits me like a speeding train. Why am I not studying? Another fantastic question. One that can be answered with one word: procrastination. I am the master, nay, the guru of procrastination. I constantly ask myself why I do it, but I get no response.
I would like to finish off with a little bit of a 'what can I expect' type deal.
These are my musings, my thoughts, likes, dislikes, opinions, and suggestions. You can expect that I will discuss music, movies, art, and culture. Also, with my major being fashion, you shall be assured I will dabble in that field a wee bit.
So welcome to my blog. I hope you do enjoy your stay. Don't forget to wipe your feet on the welcome mat on your way in!