Friday, May 13, 2011

Hi Again, Strange Blogland!

Hi again, strange blogland! I have been away from you for some time now. It is time for me to revisit (and I know, I said this last post) but I want to stay on a semi-permanent basis. I have been busy with school (which I am now done - 4 years of undergrad went so fast!) and my other blog creations:

My random photography: Life Breeds Love
My 'things I love' blog: Wild Moon Flower

So feel free to check those out, as well, I will be uploading a blog post later today or tomorrow! I did a big summer shopping spree that I'd love to share.

Thanks for continuing to check out my blog!

Love, Vintage Vinyl

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Been Gone A Long Time

Revisiting something old is like smelling a scent and it triggering a memory. It brings back feelings of days gone by yet is so recent and new.

Revisiting and reloving Vintage Vinyl with a new look on life.

Ironically, these photos were resurrected from my camera, taken in the late summer of 2009. Since the nice weather is upon us once again, there will be many an opportunity for new photos. Soon.

dress: street market in Manhattan * belt: American Eagle * necklace: independent artisan sold in Yorkville * sandals: Birkenstock * purse: handmade, purchased at clothing show
In the time since I've been apart from Vintage Vinyl, I have gotten a new puppy. She is 5 and a half months old now, and she is a beautiful cuddly sweetheart.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surrealist Spring Saturday



A couple of Saturdays ago I ventured out into the lovely spring weather to view the Surrealist exhibit at the AGO. Walking through Queen's Park during light rainfall was gorgeous and inspiring so I took many photos along the way. The colours, the smells, and the light breeze on my face was calming and made for a delightful stroll.








umbrella: mom's * belt: mom's hand-me-down * coat: unknown * dress: vintage * tights: HUE * sandals: Aldo

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Is Here!

hat: Le Cache * dress: Roots * tights: HUE * moccasins: Minnetonka

Spring has sprung, the trees are green, and summer fun is happening already. More good news: I got a job at Anthropologie! And with my employee discount I bought a beautiful blue and white ankle length summer dress . I can't wait for a lovely summer day to wear it and frolic in a park somewhere!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You Believe There Are Treasures In The Ocean?

cardigan: mom's hand-me-down * blouse: Wilfred * skirt: American Apparel * tights: HUE * boots: Hunter
During my trips to New York I would visit a store called Anthropologie in Soho. It is a sister company to Urban Outfitters, kind of like Urban's hippie older sister. It was an absolutely lovely store full of apparel and furniture worthy of calling art. I haven't visited New York in about two years, and have missed that store dearly. But just two days ago the first Canadian store opened and I went right away - the most beautiful store I have ever seen, and the largest. I spent 2 hours in there and revisited the store today, purchasing many beautiful items that I will covet for a long time to come. Definitely my outfits in the near future will include these items for you to see. This store matches my personality and style absolutely flawlessly. If I could live in any store, it would be that one. I would make it my home and live in peace within it.

If you are in the mood for beauty you may watch this lovely video. The music is by Angus & Julia Stone, a band I am currently adoring.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring and Summer. Every Other Day

cardigan: Urban Outfitters * top: Cut Loose * belt: H&M * skirt: Black Market * tights: HUE * shoes: the Bay

Twice now I have seen Spring Awakening, and I love it still. I'm ready for spring and summer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Had A Dream

dress: Paul and Joe Sister

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flightless Bird

cardigan: found for free! * dress: Wilfred * tights: HUE * boots: Hunter
Inspiration comes in many forms. For me, it is mostly in music. Flightless Bird, American Mouth makes me want to create great and beautiful things. It also brings out heart-warming yet lonely emotions. I can't quite explain them, but listen and you might feel it too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Silk Flowers

top: Wilfred * jeans: vintage Moschino * flats: Capezio * shoe clips: mom's
photos by a.m.

I got a lovely Wacom tablet for Christmas from my parents. As a beginner project I created this sketch below...
*click to enlarge, it looks better*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If You're Feeling Crafty

dress: Urban Outfitters * plaid dress shirt: Winners * top: mom's * belt: H&M * tights: HUE * boots: Payless

Lately I have had lots of free time on my hands, which has turned my brain into a craft box. I've got lots of ideas for handmade gifts for people (which is a nice change from the usual store-bought presents), all I can hope for is that they get done in time.
Speaking of crafts, especially the cutesy kind, pop past My Paper Crane for some adorable plush lovelies. Here's just a sample: