Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome Mat

Computers are great, aren't they? They allow me to say hello to you from wherever you may be, and wherever I may be.
I've always tried to write diaries when I was a youngster, but to no avail. I always wished I could, though. Keeping heartfelt times and memories locked up in a frilly pink lined notebook seems just delectable to me. Alas, with the advent of schooling, my time was (and still is) eaten up by homework, studying, and the like. But now, as I sit at my shiny silver Macbook, given to me as a gift for my eighteenth birthday, I welcome you to my frilly pink online notebook.
You could be asking yourself "why on earth is this blog necessary?" My answer to you: I have no idea. It is just one of thousands splattered across the interweb. Today I write to you from the sanctity of my living room couch, whilst it rains something terrible outside. My other laptop sits at my feet, downloading 7 album torrents at once. It's my windows laptop, which I could give a rat's behind about, for the battery doesn't last longer than 25 minutes.
I ramble, I should warn.
Moving on, today is my first of two study days before the barrage of first year final exams hits me like a speeding train. Why am I not studying? Another fantastic question. One that can be answered with one word: procrastination. I am the master, nay, the guru of procrastination. I constantly ask myself why I do it, but I get no response.
I would like to finish off with a little bit of a 'what can I expect' type deal.
These are my musings, my thoughts, likes, dislikes, opinions, and suggestions. You can expect that I will discuss music, movies, art, and culture. Also, with my major being fashion, you shall be assured I will dabble in that field a wee bit.
So welcome to my blog. I hope you do enjoy your stay. Don't forget to wipe your feet on the welcome mat on your way in!

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