Saturday, April 12, 2008

Am I More Adventurous?

Soldiers come quickly, I feel the earth beneath my feet!

Just a snippet of brilliance from Rilo Kiley's song The Execution Of All Things from their 2002 album of the same name.
I have these jolts of obsessions with certain artists slash musicians slash songs, and when I listen to them my insides melt into goo. This is one of those jolts. And it is to do with Rilo Kiley. The first song I heard was in 2005, when my friend sent me a song or two. The first full length album of theirs that I listened to (and loved) was their most frequent one, Under the Blacklight. I actually purchased that one! I know, ridiculous. In any case, ever since then I have been working backwards and discovering the brilliance that is Rilo Kiley. And if you haven't heard of them, where have you been? Either with your hipster head in a hole, or being too enticed by the umbrella'd Rhianna, insane Britney, and the ever declining Fall Out Boy (which I can be proud to say I have ignored since their first single came out). If you are the former, I hand you a shovel, and if you are the latter, dig yourself your own hole to stick your head in.
I strongly recommend you check them out. And to be helpful, I have compiled a starter kit with a few key songs from each album. Enjoy!

Starter Kit:
The Execution of All Things - The Execution of All Things
With Arms Outstretched - The Execution of All Things
Portions for Foxes - More Adventurous
It Just Is - More Adventurous
Don't Deconstruct - Take Offs and Landings
Wires and Waves - Take Offs and Landings
Silver Lining - Under the Blacklight
Breakin' Up - Under the Blacklight

For those of you who pirate music using torrent, here is the full collection. Just don't tell anyone I told you:

Rilo Kiley is coming to my city on May 28th and I just so happen to have scored tickets. Hopefully I will see you there!

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