Friday, May 30, 2008

Hipster Faux Pas

Picture your typical twenty-something female hipster and what do you see? Distressed white Keds, Skinny jeans, a cotton t-shirt with a witty slogan like "Save the Whales", a checkered scarf swung 'round the neck, and a headband plastered around their scruffy hair. Sounds good, right? Well, up until the headband, I would agree with you. I have a few words that will express my distaste for this hipster fashion.
This headband first made it's debut to me via a pretentious American Apparel employee, and ever since then, it seems the headband gods have been punishing me.
I just can't see the stylistic appeal of this head garment. Mainly because of the fact that it is humanly impossible to wear the style without it messing one's hair and making one look like a complete goon. Mind you, if I could sport the style with grace, and no hair out of place like this American Apparel model has so perfectly done, I would consider giving it a trial run. But as long as I live in the natural world where there are such things as wind and movement, that will never be.
This fashion should be left to those with an affinity for hippie garb and the nostalgia for the good ol' days when one took a barefoot romp in the grass without checking to see if there were razor blades or needles hidden below.
Best of luck to those who choose this fashion, but me, I'll just stand over here in the corner and watch.