Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You Believe There Are Treasures In The Ocean?

cardigan: mom's hand-me-down * blouse: Wilfred * skirt: American Apparel * tights: HUE * boots: Hunter
During my trips to New York I would visit a store called Anthropologie in Soho. It is a sister company to Urban Outfitters, kind of like Urban's hippie older sister. It was an absolutely lovely store full of apparel and furniture worthy of calling art. I haven't visited New York in about two years, and have missed that store dearly. But just two days ago the first Canadian store opened and I went right away - the most beautiful store I have ever seen, and the largest. I spent 2 hours in there and revisited the store today, purchasing many beautiful items that I will covet for a long time to come. Definitely my outfits in the near future will include these items for you to see. This store matches my personality and style absolutely flawlessly. If I could live in any store, it would be that one. I would make it my home and live in peace within it.

If you are in the mood for beauty you may watch this lovely video. The music is by Angus & Julia Stone, a band I am currently adoring.