Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's About Damn Time!

So it is about damn time I came back from my blogging vacation.
I am happy to see you all posted some lovely comments while I was MIA. I will have the blog up and running again shortly and will be able to respond to all you lovelies. I've only got one more month of stressful school work to deal with and then I am free with no obligations, which we all know equals much more blog fun! But for now I'll post once a week, maybe more if you're good.
Here is some artwork I did for a friend's birthday present. Just a little heads up to what I have been doing with my life since we last spoke. I've got a few others and some more concepts I am working on too.
I just want to move to Australia and make crafts.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween! There's nothing better than dressing up.